Tuesday, October 5, 2010

girls trip

 Kristine went with her sisters on a girls trip to St. George.  She listened to music all the way.
Everyone stopped in Enoch to see Angie's old house.  Along the way we saw Our cousin Trent and his boys.
 Carlene pulled the key out of the ignition when we arrived at our destination.  The whole ignition came out with it.  Oh NO!  Thankfully it was an easy fix
 The house we stayed in was very nice!
 What a cute picture.  Kristine totally looks like Grandma Heelis in this pic
 Kristine really liked this fun little girls room
 We went to eat at Brick Oven.
 On our way to Tuacahn, we stopped for a scenic photo and the wind almost blew us over the edge
 It was raining at Tuacahn.  Here is a funny picture of mom trying to get her rain thingy on.
 Patiently waiting for the play to start..
 It never started!! It was cancelled because of the rain :(
 Everyone was so disappointed.
 Angie, Kristine and mom were so SAD
 We Went back to the house and ran some laps on the stairs...
 We went to a movie  "You again"  it was good.
Everyone made good use out of the matching t shirts of the play we never saw.  We went home the scenic way.  We traveled through Zions National Park.

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  1. WOW--great photos to illustrate your emotions and the events. I felt like I was there.
    I would have liked the fancy girl room too.
    I do laps on my stairs when plays get rained out too.